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About Continuum

Continuum is form of continuing education offered by faculty in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Continuum offers more than a traditional MOOC (massive open online course). MOOCs tend to be open to anyone wanting to take the course and therefore are designed for mass consumption with often minimal involvement by the instructor. Many sign up but few successfully finish and so MOOCs tend not to dive in too deep for fear of discouraging learners. 

Continuum courses differ in that they presume a technical or mathematical background in order to get the most out of the course. They may involve online group work, and are supported by passionate faculty members in addition to dedicated instructional staff. Our goal is to support you through your learning experience, especially when you get stuck as we dive in deeper. 

Continuum courses are not available for academic credit. They are rigorous courses designed to give participants knowledge that will serve to jumpstart their learning and serve as a bridge to more advanced courses. 

Visit our programs page to apply and learn more about these programs:

Computational Machine Learning for Scientists and Engineers

Applied Computational Linear Algebra for Everyone

Joy of Coding

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